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Labor Management Solutions

American Lumper Services is a third party logistics provider that was founded on the basic principle of customer focus.  We offer dedicated support specifically tailored for each operating environment by incorporating customer goals, procedures, and operations.  American Lumper Services combines a unique blend of proven human resource policies, technology, and significant industry experience to provide cost saving solutions to our customers.

Pool Distribution

Achieve cost predictability and greater operational efficiencies by outsourcing pool distribution labor.

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Inbound / Outbound

Loading, Order Picking, Pallet Assembly

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Operational Support

Quality Assurance, Cycle Count, Sanitation, Inventory Control, Inventory Consolidation, Rework/Relabel, Audit Preparation.

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Customer service, integrity, and technology. These are among some of the reasons why many supply chain managers have chosen american lumper services as a third party logistics provider.

Why outsource supply chain labor to American Lumper?

We understand that there are reservations to outsourcing supply chain labor. The perception of giving up control over labor is among the most common. Our goal is to shift the traditional outsourcing standard to a new paradigm.

Our technical ability to capture real time data along with our comprehensive reporting capabilities allow our clients to use data to make informed decisions about their operations.

Our labor procedures are designed to integrate into existing client operations and procedures.

Our flexible pricing models allow us to service customers based on productivity and output rather than a static hourly wage.

Our scalable workforce allows our customers to quickly adjust to changes in work flow. These four components in aggregate translate to substantial improvements in cost predictability and cost reduction. In addition to this, customers can realize significant reductions in fringe expenses and will avoid risk and liability by outsourcing. Instead of giving up control by outsourcing, our customers will actually gain control.

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